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K-12 Private Christian Education

It's our commitment at Harrells Christian Academy to prepare each student for success after graduation. For many of our graduates, attending college will be their next step. During their final years at Harrells Christian Academy, we take seriously the opportunity to guide them towards making a college-choice that will be the best fit for them as students...and as individuals. 

The purpose of this webpage is to better communicate with you the college-going process. This may include: an upcoming timeline for students by grade, dates of upcoming events, articles that I believe you may find interesting or helpful, video links, links to colleges that I may have recently come across that may be 'hidden', and anything else that I feel may be beneficial to you in regards to preparing for, and making a college choice. 

Please, if at anytime you have a question in regards to your student being college bound, do not hesitate to send me an email. 

Dr. Alex Grey
Parents of all high school students please click on the timeline link to understand what we recommend your child engage in:

Harrells Christian Academy College Counseling Timeline



Senior College Counseling Meeting            - Ongoing - Initial meetings taking place - Seniors: sign up with Dr. Grey or Mr.        Kunst


Campbell U. Online Applications                 - Now Open

Great opportunity to apply to a college and receive results asap. No commitment. Students will meet with the Campbell's College Admissions Officer on September 1st. Students who are applying to Campbell MUST sign up in my office to meet with the Admissions Officer

Campbell U. Admission Meetings                 - September 13, 2017

Dress NICE. This is an interview. Gentlemen: Shirt and tie...jacket recommended.  Ladies: Dress or pants-suit. 

Hampden-Sydney Presentation                     - September 26, 2017

Open to Seniors AND Juniors. A great way to start hearing about what specific colleges are all about and figuring out what type of college you may be looking for. Students planning to attend this presentation MUST sign up in my office.






We ARE offering the ACT at Harrells Christian Academy again this year!  See Mrs. Carla to see if there is still time to signup. Test date is October 3rd. 


I've already received a lot of questions on SAT and ACT tutoring, etc. Please start here: Khan Academy (Subjects link in top left - Test Prep). Its free. Free knowledge about the tests, free practice, etc. Its a great resource!  Like anything else, you just have to moving with it. Open the practice books you might have. Go to the library. Spend TIME taking practice tests and analyzing what you did wrong. Stumped on a question? Bring it to one of your teachers. As far as Tutors go, I'm searching. I'll let you know what I find out. In the meantime, I came across this as a potential option. UNCW is offering some prep courses. It looks like they are 6 weeks long and I think they are based online?  Still, $110 for 24 hours of instruction is a pretty good deal. Check it out here: UNCW TEST PREP.  Additionally, I have indeed heard great things about the tutors at Mind over Math in Wilmington, NC. They help with test prep in ALL areas of the standardized tests. MIND OVER MATH. I have also heard good things about PEAK Learning Center in Wilmington, NC.



Saving for College: You've probably heard of a 529 college fund. It's a great way to save for college if you have younger kids/students. Many states offer their own plans, and something I keep hearing a lot about is the benefits of shopping around for the best funds. 529 funds have good benefits, but as always, some drawbacks as well. I'm not a financial adviser, so please educate yourself on these. Two articles worth the read. About 529 Savings, and How To Extract More Mileage From A 529 College Savings Account.  

Benefits to College: While there are a large number of exceptions, in general, there are great benefits of going to college. Here is a good article referencing the wage gap (on average) of students who complete a college degree vs. those with just a high school diploma. Again, I realize there are a large number of exceptions to this, but on average, studies show there are great financial benefits:  Benefits of College Still Outweigh Costs   

Of course it's not all about the money. This article is one that I read in preparation for my dissertation. It compiles a large assortment of benefits that are manifested from earning a college degree. Skimming this is fine. It's Not Just The Money