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K-12 Private Christian Education

Spiritual Life at HCA


Harrells Christian Academy understands the importance of each student's spiritual life.  We devote our efforts to educating children and young adults to value the authority of scripture and the implications it has on their life. Community is a significant value here. We realize that the body of Christ is diverse in nature, we value diversity.  We strive for excellence in our call to herald the gospel and make disciples. In order for this to happen we must model Christ in both word and action.  Most importantly, we will only have excellence in education through Christian motivation.

We build spiritual, moral and ethical values by:

Praying together:  Prayer is a vital part of HCA.  It is encouraged at the beginning of each class and always included in any public gathering of HCA.  A group of teachers meet each day before school and pray for our students, teachers, parents and any other prayer request that is submitted. See You At the Pole and National Day of Prayer are observed every year at HCA.


Attending Chapel:  Daily chapel is a time for worship and reflection on the scriptures.  Each school level has their own chapel time.  Chapel include worship, prayer, journaling, small groups, drama, and the proclamation of God’s word.


Bible Classes:  Each student participates in Bible classes throughout their career at HCA. They exegetically walk through books of the Bible.


Learning Scripture:  God’s Word is proudly displayed throughout the HCA campus.  A yearly Bible Verse is adopted as a theme verse and each week additional Bible verses are posted to support the yearly theme. Students also participate in learnining Christian doctorine through reciting the New City Catechism each day.


Developing Teachers who are Spiritual Leaders:  Teachers are given the opportunity to gather each morning to pray, share and support each other in spiritual growth.  God’s Word is read and books are studied to enhance and strengthen the spiritual life of the teacher.


Missions:  Reaching out into the community is a vital part of HCA and our goals.  As needs arise, HCA responds with love and support.  A K-12 Food Drive is always part of our ministry. We also have a unique opportunity at HCA to support our mission statement and “round out” our students’ education by including in our school year a C-mester.  The “C” stands for Crusader.  This is a special time when our upper school students will reach outside the walls of HCA and minister to our communities and beyond.  The dates are the last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of February each year.  During this time some students go on mission trips. Some of the places our students have gone are Costa Rica, New York City, Morehead City and Camp New Hope in the mountains of North Carolina.  The students who remain on campus participate in projects in our surrounding area.  These projects include building wheelchair ramps, working in hospitals and nursing homes, working in soup kitchens, ministering to the homeless, mentoring at public schools, and aiding local ministries.   


Retreats and Spiritual Emphasis:  Each school year includes retreats and a time of spiritual emphasis for all levels of our school.  These are special times when we can solely focus on who God is and what He has done for us as a people and a school.



Special Events:

See You At the Pole
Veterans’ Day Chapel
Thanksgiving Chapel
Christmas Chapel
Easter Chapel
Pastor Appreciation Day
National Day of Prayer


"All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work."

2 Timothy 3:16-17


Director of Student Life:

Aaron Smith