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The Shield's Image

The Shield's Image is Harrells Christian Academy's annual yearbook produced by students in our Yearbook and Publications courses.  Students decide on a theme and work all year long to produce the final product for students, faculty, family, and alumni to all enjoy.  HCA's yearbook covers events from from March-March with a dedication and reveal ceremony in May at which students and faculty get to see the yearbook for the first time before they are distributed to the student body.

If you would like to purchase an ad in the yearbook, please contact Meredith Horne Allen today.


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The advent of social media and smart phones means that everyone is a journlistic photographer.  Furthermore, we want to include as diverse of a collection of photos as possible in our yearbook so that all groups, ages, and grades are represented.  So, if you have photos of students, faculty, or alumni at HCA events or around town, please submit them to our staff using the link below:



Once you click on the link above (or the photo below), please register for an account and add Harrells Christian Academy as your school.  Feel free to subit your own photos or view photos we have taken around campus, at games and events, and in other areas of our community.  Feel free to share any photo that strikes your fancy!

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Clicking the image above will take you to Replayit.com - Josten's image submission site. Register for an account then add Harrells Christian Academy as your school and submit your photos. Thanks in advance for your submissions!

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If you have any questions regarding purchasing a yearbook, please contact Meredith "MeeMee" Horne Allen mhorne@harrellsca.com