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K-12 Private Christian Education


The Board of Trustees sets tuition at a competitive rate for our market, then the Headmaster and his Advancement Office invite the community's charitable gifts to help the school build a program of excellence in a physical campus that offers safety, beauty, and space to its students and teachers. The size of these charitable gifts may vary, but every gifts matters. The Shield Fund for HCA supports our mission of to be a faith-driven, learning community committed to discovery, innovation, collaboration and excellence.

The Fund helps us:

       •Build academic programs

       •Attract and retain the best faculty and administration

       •Maintain a competitive athletic program

       •Grow the arts and co-curricular offerings

       •Protect our facilities through regular, scheduled maintenance

       •Ensure that we can “get the word out” about how special HCA is

We are grateful to all of those who have donated in the past and ask for your continued support.  The Shield Fund touches every student and helps enhance their educational experience in the classroom, on the field, on field trips, in the community, and even in the lunchroom. We hope to raise unrestricted dollars to support items in our operating budget which tuition income does not completely cover.  

Tuition would have to be raised significantly if it was the only source of revenue for HCA. Therefore we ask all the members of our HCA family (Board, parents, employees, alumni, grandparents, alumni parents, and friends) to contribute to the Shield Fund each year at a level that is appropriate to their own family's budget. We strive for a high participation rate which is vital as it makes a strong statement about our commitment to Harrells, especially when applying for outside grants.

Philanthropy is crucial to the ongoing academic success and financial security of the school. And unlike tuition, contributions to the Shield Fund are tax-deductible.  

Thank you for all that you do for Harrells!

More questions? Please contact Eva Thornton, Director of Advancement, at



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