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K-12 Private Christian Education

The HCA Booster Club is dedicated to providing our athletic programs with the extra support they need, not only to survive, but to thrive.  In the past we have purchased such items as tennis bleachers, weight room equipment, backstops, outfield fences, scoreboards, public address system and installation, uniforms for all of our teams and the list goes on.  These are all items that are essential to outfitting our teams that are not covered in the school budget or by 

We need your support by joining the Booster Club.  Whether your child is in kindergarten, or is a senior, we need you.  Many times parents do not think they need to join since their child is not yet involved in sports, but this is not so.  Why not join now, and insure that the athletic programs have the support they need to be even better when your child is able to be a part of them? if you have not joined before, we urge you to join and become an even more vital part of the HCA family.  If you have been involved in the Booster Club before, we thank you for your continued support. 

Booster Club membership levels:

GREEN: $125.00 – Membership and 2 admissions to regular season games

GOLD: $200.00 – Membership and 3 admissions to regular season games

CRUSADER: $500.00 – Membership, 4 admissions to regular season games, and 4x8 advertisement sign during fall sports

SUPER CRUSADER: $1000.00 - Membership, 4 admissions to regular season games, a 4x8 advertisement sin duringfall sports and recognition in the Foundation Center, and choice of a tee sign or foursome at our annual Golf Outing


For information about joining the HCA Booster Club, please contact Athletic Director Clayton Hall at