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The Middle School

Curriculum Overview

Language Arts
Middle school Language Arts classes focus on literature, reading comprehension, applied grammar, vocabulary development, writing, and composition. Regular practice with research, keyboarding, and a variety of educational technology apps is integrated into instruction.

Middle school students are introduced to an accelerated math sequence in sixth grade with a study of math concepts and applications.  Projects like abacus-building and researching important mathemeticians in history help math come alive for 6th graders. This course prepares students who are ready to enroll in Pre-Algebra at the seventh grade level and Algebra 1 at the eighth grade level.

The middle school science program teaches earth and environmental science in sixth grade, life science in seventh grade, and physical science in eighth grade.  The curriculum is hands on, with lab tables in the classroom, and can be complemented by introductory agriculture electives like Horticulture I.

Social Studies 
Students begin with a study of ancient civilizations and world geography, then gradually narrow their focus to U.S. history with an emphasis on North Carolina history. This is a thorough grounding for students' more in-depth history studies in the Upper School.

Whereas the Bible instruction in HCA's Lower School classrooms give students a thorough knowledge of the Bible's stories and the gospel narrative of salvation, the middle school Bible classes offer the opportunity to be introduced to the formal tools of Biblical and theological study.  At the same time, our Bible teachers aim to instill a love and excitement for Bible reading and discussion; this class is known for being fun!
Physical Education
HCA's athletic coaches offer both general, required PE and a more intensive strength-training elective to middle schoolers.  

Academic Trips
Washigton D.C. - Civics and History Trip (8th grade)
"Sound to Sea" - Science field trip (7th grade)
Charleston, SC - History Trip (6th Grade)   
South Africa                           

Elective Classes                       
Agricultural Studies
Strength Training and Conditioning