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Harrells Christian Academy's 6th annual Candy Cane Lane Holiday Market

November 20, 2019

Harrells Christian Academy's 6th annual Candy Cane Lane is quickly approaching and this is a year you do not want to miss!
Mark your calendars for Friday-Saturday, November 22-23.

On Friday, join us for our Preview Party from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. Tickets are limited which makes for less congested shopping and the first look of the amazing new and returning vendors. This ticket is $25 and also includes a delicious brunch by South Catering. Just like last year, preview party ticket holders can gain admission again on Saturday for another look and to accompany family and friends!

General Admission tickets are also available for $10. As always, all kids 5 & under will be admitted FREE!

Delicious meals will be available in our court from Something Good of Warsaw.

“Lollipops & Laughs” with Santa on Saturday, November 23rd, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM is a fun morning for children of all ages and even those young at heart! You are invited to have pictures made with Santa at no charge - make a great Christmas memory!

We look forward to seeing you all and as always, BRING A FRIEND or two!

Students Use Collaboration and Innovation to Design Futuristic Schools 

November 04, 2019

Imagine a school where books come to life when you pull them off the shelves; teachers write in the air using nothing but their fingertips; at the touch of a button, holograms of historical characters appear and come to life telling their stories; and at a moment’s notice, students can hop into a teleportation device and arrive in a foreign land! This is a school that only exists in the imagination; this is a school of the future, and this is a school described in the book If I Build a School by Chris van Dusen.  HCA’s 2nd grade STREAM Lab students enjoyed reading this exciting story and working with Mrs. Jodie Nelson’s 10th-12th grade 3D Building class to design and build a futuristic school of their very own. STEAM Lab instructors Joy Usher and Sabrina Armstrong challenged the young learners to pick a popular area of school, and to design it as it may appear decades from now.  The 2nd grade designers paired up with an upper school artist to build a three dimensional representation of their design. The collaboration lasted for several weeks and finally culminated with 2nd graders presenting their designs for a group of 1st grade students. Instructor, Joy Usher shared, “This was a great way for students to think outside of the box.  It shows have creative they can be and allowed them to use many different STREAM elements in one collaborative project. Who knows, these may be the schools of the future, and our students have the great minds to push us forward!”

Kicking It Up a Notch: One Athlete’s Unique Quest to Serve Others 

November 01, 2019

While attending a football showcase this past summer, HCA senior and kicker for the varsity football team Will deAndrade had the opportunity to meet a representative from the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization founded in 2005 whose mission is to change the lives of children with cancer through funding impactful research and raising awareness of childhood cancer. Will learned that kickers all across the country take part in helping to raise money for the foundation. Moved by the story of the organization, Will felt a calling in his heart to take on the project himself and quickly set a goal.  As football season began, Will and his parents went to work! They organized Will’s Kick It Campaign and set up a booth at each home football game.  The mission was a success, and Will not only surpassed his initial goal of raising $1,000 but he doubled it! Will stated, “I ultimately learned the importance of taking a chance to bring awareness to a cause. And I also learned that I can use whatever platform God has given me for the betterment of others. The most meaningful aspect for me is knowing that I have taken part in helping families and youth affected by childhood cancer.” With over 55 yards kicked this season and $2,000 raised to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Will deAndrade has proven himself to be a true hero for both his football team and for all of those affected by childhood cancer. 

Terrific Kid Awards

October 22, 2019

With pride in their faces, nine Harrells Christian Academy students receive Terrific Kid Awards on Thursday, October 17th. Throughout the first grading period, these students stood out to their teachers because of their thoughtfulness, friendliness, and willingness to include others.  Pictured from top to bottom are: Brenlee Thornton (3rd grade) of Currie, Scarlett Graham (4th grade) of Kenansville, Bella Jernigan (4th grade) of Kenansville, Kailey Pope (5th grade) of Clinton, Paisley Davis (Kindergarten) of Warsaw, Millie Chambers (Kindergarten) of Rose Hill, Hadley Lassiter (1st grade) of Clinton, Piper Stewart (1st grade) of Wallace, and A'Miya Best (2nd grade) of Whiteville. 

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