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Faculty & Staff Directory

  Name Title Contact
Sabrina Armstrong Armstrong, Sabrina Lower School Art and STREAM Lab
Jason Arnette Arnette, Jason Associate Head Of Students- Grades 6-12 910-532-4575
Angelia Bass Bass, Angelia Lower School STEAM Lab and Keyboarding
Sheila Bass Bass, Sheila Fourth and Fifth Grade Assistant
Sarah Brewington Brewington, Sarah Administrative Assistant
Allison Brock Brock, Allison Middle School Language Arts
Abigail Campos Campos, Abigail Kindergarten Assistant
Edye Carr Carr, Edye Lower School PE
Elizabeth Cole Cole, Elizabeth Assistant Head of School 910-532-4575
Faith Dearman Dearman, Faith Lower School Music
Julie Ellis Ellis, Julie Middle School Mathematics
Talina Giles Giles, Talina Middle School Mathematics 910-532-4575
Jayne Green Green, Jayne Upper School English and French
Clayton Hall Hall, Clayton Athletic Director 910-532-4575
Katie Hall Hall, Katie Fourth and Fifth Grade Teacher 910-532-4575
Ashlynn Haney Haney, Ashlynn Fourth and Fifth Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher
Julissa Hernandez Hernandez, Julissa Custodial
Tina Hernandez Hernandez, Tina Custodial
Veronica Highsmith Highsmith, Veronica Upper School Assistant
David Hoffman Hoffman, David Technical Support
Randi Honeycutt Honeycutt, Randi Second Grade Teacher 910-532-4575
Rachel Iannuzzelli Iannuzzelli, Rachel First Grade Teacher
Bobby James James, Bobby Custodial
Jessica James James, Jessica Fourth and Fifth Grade Reading Teacher
Winfred Johnson Johnson, Winfred Middle School Social Studies
Jenna King King, Jenna Kindergarten Teacher
Steve Mallard Mallard, Steve Upper School History and PE
Lindsay Matthews Matthews, Lindsay FFA and Agricultural
Johnathan Miller Miller, Johnathan Advancement Associate
Ross Miller Miller, Ross 919-805-5568
Jamael Moore Moore, Jamael Upper School Bible
Jodie Nelson Nelson, Jodie Middle and Upper School Art
Carrie Osborne Osborne, Carrie Kindergarten Teacher
Aaron Owens Owens, Aaron First Grade Teacher
Ruth Parker Parker, Ruth Upper School Biology
Steven Paylor Paylor, Steven Upper School History
Lynn Pearson Pearson, Lynn Upper School Mathematics
Melody Powell Powell, Melody Spiritual Life Director
Amy Powers Powers, Amy Director of College Counseling
Paige Puryear Puryear, Paige Middle School Language Arts
Jonathan Ransom Ransom, Jonathan Middle School Bible
Debbie Raynor Raynor, Debbie Second Grade Teacher Assistant 9105324575
Jessica Register Register, Jessica Media Specialist
Rebecca Retherford Retherford, Rebecca Third Grade Teacher
Brad Rivenbark Rivenbark, Brad Custodial
Jan Searles Searles, Jan Administrative Assistant
Nell Sloan Sloan, Nell Upper School Mathematics
Kristen Spell Spell, Kristen Upper School Chemistry and Physics 910-532-4575
Marilyn St. Pierre St. Pierre, Marilyn Upper School English
Beverly Stroud Stroud, Beverly Fourth and Fifth Grade Teacher 910-532-4575
Alicia Sutton Sutton, Alicia Yearbook Adviser | Middle and Upper School Graphic Design | Advancement Associate | Head Coach, Chee 910-532-4575
Missy Tart Tart, Missy Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Ashley Thompson Thompson, Ashley Nurse 910-532-4575
Eva Thornton Thornton, Eva Director of Institutional Advancement 910-532-4575
Joy Thornton Thornton, Joy Second Grade Teacher 910-532-4575
Tracey Thornton Thornton, Tracey Middle School PE
Emily Villegas Villegas, Emily Upper School Spanish
Madison Warren Warren, Madison Third Grade Assistant
Andy Wells Wells, Andy Head of School 910-532-4575
Dean Wells Wells, Dean Facilities Director
Missy Wells Wells, Missy Learning Center
Molly White White, Molly Director of the Learning Center 910-532-4575
Jennifer Williams Williams, Jennifer Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Woolverton Woolverton, Jennifer First Grade Teacher Assistant