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Harrells Christian Academy is blessed to have a thriving athletic program, with over 90% of our students participating in at least one sport.  Coaches and students alike believe in glorifying Christ by displaying, maintaining, and expanding their God-given athletic talents.  Since HCA opened its doors, the Crusaders have earned 13 state titles in football, 3 state titles in baseball, 2 state titles in golf, 2 state titles in Softball, 1 state title in boys' basketball, and 1 national championship in cheerleading.  

The mission of the athletic department, ultimately, is that of the Academy’s academic program: EXCELLENCE.  What is excellence in athletics? It is commitment to the physical and emotional well-being of our student athletes. It is commitment to the belief that citizenship, sportsmanship and fair play are as important and achievable as the will to win. It is the realistic ambition to compete for conference and state championships. It is commitment to athletes as students first: that they be admitted according to this criterion, that they progress satisfactorily towards a degree, and that their graduation rates as student-athletes not be different from those of non-athletes.

Harrells Christian Academy is a member of the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association (NCISAA).  More information about the association, including playoff brackets and the rules for different sports as dictated by NCISAA can be found on their website:

HCA is a part of the Big East Independent Conference for Football.  All other sports are a part of the Coastal Rivers Conference.  For directions to the other schools in our conferences, click here.



In order to participate in athletics at HCA, a student-athlete must maintain good moral character, pass every academic course (maintaining a 77 numerical average or better), with the exception of one course per grading period. This will apply to all grading periods, both fall and spring semesters. If a student should fail more than one course for the year, he/she must attend summer school in order to play on an athletic team the following year. 


Athletic Forms:

You may contact our athletic department to obtain the most current required paperwork to participate in HCA athletics. Among those forms are  Participation, Physical, and Concussion.  These must be turned in prior to a student's participation on any athletic team at HCA. Remember, physicals are current for one calendar year only and must be updated accordingly.  We maintain these records on hand in the event of an emergency, so please insure accuracy and completeness.  

Director of Athletics

Clayton Hall '03