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The Upper School

Curriculum Overview

As a college preparatory school, Harrells Christian Academy places high value on providing each student with a strong foundation for college through rigorous academic core courses, preparing each individual for life beyond our walls.  In addition to the Core and Honors Core Courses, students choose from an array of electives and 10 Advanced Placement courses.  We also partner with local community colleges and universities to provide college level credit before graduation as well as online course offerings.  

Technology is integrated into every classroom, and students are exposed to various technology tools so they can expand their skills and simulate real life situations.  Through research, study, and interpretation of history, literature, arts, math, and sciences, students discover and appreciate the common themes and unifying ideas that help to shape their lives.

Outside the classroom, students have the opportunity to participate in competitive athletics, arts, and a range of leadership roles through clubs and community service projects.  Harrells Christian Academy prides itself on its successful track record of preparing students for the rigors of college and life. Customized college counseling services provide individual and group instruction beginning in the eighth grade and continuing through each year of high school.  Our college counselor works with individual students to develop an education program to fit their academic needs and to prepare them for college and career choices.  Parental involvement is an integral part of the college counseling program, and faculty and staff practice an open door policy to both students and parents.