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Science Olympiad Qualifies for States

March 06, 2018

The HCA Science Olympiad team competed this past weekend at the Kinston Regional tournament with great success, bringing home medals in 13 events and placing 3rd overall.  This win qualifies HCA to the State Science Olympiad at NCSU this April.

Head Coach Dee Canady, HCA’s Chemistry teacher, says, “This year we faced some unusual challenges, and it is amazing that we performed as well as we did.   While most of our competition had 18-member teams, ours this year was a 13-member team, so our students had to prepare for as many as four events.  Additionally, the Kinston Regional was a month earlier than normal, so each of our team members had to prepare for both the State Beta Club competition and Science Olympiad the very next week.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of these students.  They worked on their own time and exceeded my expectations.”

First held in North Carolina in 1974, Science Olympiad is one of the premier science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to 7,600 teams in 50 states. Science Olympiad's ever-changing line-up of events in all STEM disciplines exposes students to practicing scientists and career choices, and energizes classroom teachers with a dynamic content experience.  Harrells Christian Academy students won in the following events:

1st place

Anatomy & Physiology:  Brayden Sutton, Miranda Wells

Helicopters:  Ellie Carone, Kyra Gensel

Hovercraft:  Stefani Boussais, Mary Lila Blackburn

Thermodynamics:  Cameron Simpson, Brayden Sutton

Towers:  Jackson Hall, Seth Harrell

2nd place

Codebusters:  Will DeAndrade, Jackson Hall, Kaleb Jessup

Microbe Mission:  Cameron Simpson, Miranda Wells

Mission Possible:  Kyra Gensel, Kaleb Jessup

Ping Pong Parachute:  Ellie Carone, Miranda Wells

Remote Sensing:  Seth Harrell, Cameron Simpson

3rd place

Forensics:  Ivey Rouse, Cameron Simpson

5th place

Amazing Mechatronics:  Kaleb Jessup, Kyra Gensel

Ecology:  Stefani Boussais, Mary Lila Blackburn

This is the last year that Mrs. Canady will coach the Harrells Science Olympiad team as she is retiring at the end of this year.  She says, “I am so glad that I have been able to bring this to Harrells.  It has been fun.  I love seeing that “light bulb” when students have to take their theoretical knowledge and really apply it to a helicopter or a tower.  It is so beneficial.  I will really miss working with the students.”