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Students Use Collaboration and Innovation to Design Futuristic Schools 

November 04, 2019

Imagine a school where books come to life when you pull them off the shelves; teachers write in the air using nothing but their fingertips; at the touch of a button, holograms of historical characters appear and come to life telling their stories; and at a moment’s notice, students can hop into a teleportation device and arrive in a foreign land! This is a school that only exists in the imagination; this is a school of the future, and this is a school described in the book If I Build a School by Chris van Dusen.  HCA’s 2nd grade STREAM Lab students enjoyed reading this exciting story and working with Mrs. Jodie Nelson’s 10th-12th grade 3D Building class to design and build a futuristic school of their very own. STEAM Lab instructors Joy Usher and Sabrina Armstrong challenged the young learners to pick a popular area of school, and to design it as it may appear decades from now.  The 2nd grade designers paired up with an upper school artist to build a three dimensional representation of their design. The collaboration lasted for several weeks and finally culminated with 2nd graders presenting their designs for a group of 1st grade students. Instructor, Joy Usher shared, “This was a great way for students to think outside of the box.  It shows have creative they can be and allowed them to use many different STREAM elements in one collaborative project. Who knows, these may be the schools of the future, and our students have the great minds to push us forward!”