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HCA Students Practice 21st Century Skills 

October 05, 2018
The seventh grade Life Science students at Harrells Christian Academy demonstrate how to operate temperature probes in the second grade STREAM Lab. New middle school science teacher Steven Autry brought a wealth of real-world knowledge with him when he came to Harrells. As a part time instructor at Cape Fear Community College and horticulture specialist, Autry understands the exposure young scientists need to practical technology. Here, in this integrated setting, seventh grade students pass on their knowledge to their younger counterparts. “It’s what I love about HCA,” Autry states. “Here, I’m free to teach real-world applications in my classroom and don’t feel the pressure to teach to a standard that may or may not measure what my students truly know and are prepared for.” Second graders were truly excited to use specialized equipment during their lab experience. Morgan Sutton, pictured left, stated, “Getting to work with the older kids is always fun. And doing this experiment made the school day exciting!”